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The Clock for Streamers

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Get Ticking with TwitchTimer!

TwitchTimer is a free and customizable timer for streamers, marathoners and speed-runners that allows you to monetize each second of your streaming.
It's easy to use with OBS and Xsplit and being fully integrated with Twitch and Streamlabs, this clock picks up automatically when your viewers subscribe or donate and updates the timer, amazing them with an ever-new animation. Just get started now! You'll be ticking in a few seconds!

Planning a Marathon?

We got you covered! Just use our fully customizable Cooldown, kicking off at your fixed time and increased by your follower with each donation or subscribe!

Incoming Event?

3.. 2.. 1.. Ignition! Something incredible is set to happen soon? Hype your follower with our Countdown, allowing them to crumble the time away by donating or subscribing to your channel!

How about Speed-running?

Ready, steady, go! How far you will be able to push? Our Chronometer will visualize your efforts to break your records to your follower!

And a Typical Clock

Tick Tock Tick Tock… It is a normal clock, really! It shows the current time. Except when it suddenly drops acids and transforms into Nikola Tesla. Otherwise it is a normal Clock, we swear it!


Now we are on Patreon!

Do you love TwitchTimer? Wanna help keeping it free and obtain cool animations in the process? Visit our Patreon!
You can drop by our Facebook page and award us with your and don’t forget to on Twitter!

Contact us!

Send us an Owl! Need help? Suggestions? Or just are you a wizard Harry? For anything feel free to contact us on or and we even heard about this mysterious Google+ thingy if you are into it. Finally, of course, you can write to owl at twitchtimer dot com!

Who loves TwitchTimer?

This set of crazy mavericks! Everyone searches for free things made with love! TwitchTimer is a wonderful example of this. We have received a rating of 5.0 stars based on 7 reviews! Would you like to appear amongst them? Just review us on Facebook or tweet your feedback!

TwitchTimer is just the most powerful timer out there. I use it in my stream as a countdown timer. It is fully integrated in StreamLabs and Twitch fully customizable with many options. I became a full Patreon to suport the team behind it.


TwitchTimer? Everybody will use it. Professional, easy and cool. What a perfect combo for the best timer tool.


26H of Marathon and for sure i had to worry about anything but to keep time!
Optimized, fluid, quick to update and with an attractive format, TwitchTimer was the best choice and easier to take.
Simple to set up and throught integration with OBS everything requires no more than five minutes of your time, Thank you very much once again for your support! 5 stars well-deserved!


The clock is wonderful, it works and integrates seamlessly with StreamLabs, all you got to do is set it up before the stream and enjoy your job, without having to think about anything other than entertain your viewers!


TwitchTimer is amazing!
Previously I had a mIRC script written that required Mods to Add/Subtract time per minute/dollar amount. The script was only text that showed on my screen.
When I wasn’t able to use that I searched online and my search brought me to TwitchTimer.
The timer is above and beyond what I thought I could find and their Customer Support is friendly and fast!
I had an amazing Marathon Stream using this timer and look forward to doing so again during my future Marathon Streams. I loved the timer so much, I became a Patron on Patreon.
If you’re looking for something customizable, visually appealing and user-friendly with amazingly fast and efficient technical support, this is the timer for you.


TwitchTimer is what every streamer needs. Simple and functional!


Not bad, great tool, definitely the best among his peers at this time.